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The head of the postgraduate study department Svetlana Sergeevna Surzhik

Phone/ fax:  +7(4234)39-27-19 / +7(4234)39-24-00 (the reception office of the Center)

The department of postgraduate studies was opened in FSBSI “FSC of Agricultural Biotechnology of the Far East named after A.K. Chaiki” in 2001. The perpetual license for educational activities was obtained in 2011.

The main objective of the postgraduate study is to train highly qualified scientific and academic personnel in the field of agricultural sciences, education and agricultural production.

According to the existing legislation, a postgraduate student pursues the following goals:

– to develop the skill of independence in research and educational activities;

– to study theoretical and methodological basics of agricultural sciences;

– to continue philosophical education, including the one focusing on the professional activity;

– to improve English language skills for professional communication.

Information on quotas for the admission or transfer to postgraduate educational programs

Geoponics and Plant Science 

Educational programs for scientific and academic personnel
Code, field of education Codes, specializations
35.06.01 Agriculture Geoponics and Plant Science
Breeding, seed production and biotechnology of plants
Plant protection




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Addendum № 1 to the Certificate of the State accreditation

FSBSI “FSC of Agricultural Biotechnology of the Far East named after A.K. Chaiki” has the license for educational activities (serial number 90Л01, № 2785, 29.11.2018, form number 0009888) issued by the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science.