The Federal Scientific Center:

– develops projects on the sustainable land use, reclamation of fallow lands and soil improvement;

– conducts field tests and demonstration trials of pesticides and agrochemicals;

– provides guidelines for the enhancement and preservation of soil fertility, including effective management of fertilizers and chemical soil conditioners;

– performs pre-sowing soil analysis for the nutrient content;

– carries out evaluation of soil condition;

– provides guidelines on technologies for the cultivation of agricultural crops;

– conducts multi-environment trials of varieties of agricultural crops;

– conducts study on varieties, plant protection products, fertilizers and agricultural machinery;

– organizes seminars and demonstration trials;

– devises business plans and conducts feasibility studies for agricultural investment projects, including projects for participants of Government programs;

– provides necessary information for business-planning (search for information on prices of resources, on suppliers etc.);

– offers consultation services regarding patents;

– provides scientific and technological support for projects.


Our accredited laboratory of potato disease diagnostics:

– conducts variety surveys in fields;

– conducts evaluation of potato seeds for quality (analysis of potato tubers);

– performs laboratory testing of leaves and tubers for latent viral infection (PVX, PVS, PVM, PVY, PLRV);

– collects samples for laboratory testing.


Our accredited laboratory of agrochemical analyses:

– conducts soil surveys;

– collects soil samples;

– performs analyses of soil samples for acidity, organic matter (humus), nitrates, hydrolyzable nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium;

– creates soil property maps;

– prepares reports on soil properties for agrobusinesses;

– performs analyses of organic fertilizers for mass fraction of water, ash, total nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, organic matter, pH of salt extract etc.

– performs analyses of mineral fertilizers for moisture, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium in limestone flour;

– performs analyses of agricultural products (forages) for protein, oil, protein, fat, carotene, crude fiber, gluten, pH, crude fat, sugar, starch, feed units, nitrogen and crude protein, phosphorus, potassium, heavy metals, etc.