Laboratory of the Breeding and Breeder Seed Production of Maize

The main breeding objective is to create new hybrids and hybrid populations of maize for grain harvest with a yield of 6.0-7.0 t/ha, a plant life cycle of 95-110 days, with a low harvest moisture content, protein and oil contents of 9-12% and 3-5%, respectively. These hybrids and populations should be resistant to the most common diseases (loose and common smut) and adapted to the conditions of Primorsky krai.

The breeding program based on hybridization methods resulted in the creation of a new maize hybrid population Slavyanka that was included in the State Register of Selection Achievements in 2002.

Variety Yuzhanka was created using the method of mass selection from local varieties and registered in 2011. Yuzhanka is grown for grain, silage and herbage harvest under the conditions of Primorsky krai. The population was awarded a certificate by the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences for the best completed scientific work and a silver medal on the 14th Russian Agro-industrial exhibition in 2012.

We collaborate with Krasnodar Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture named after P.P. Lukyanenko, the Far Eastern Scientific Research Institute of Plant Protection, Academies of Agricultural Sciences in Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces of China, Maize Research Institute in Gangwon Province of South Korea.

Annually the laboratory provides local businesses with 3 tons of breeder maize seeds. Our scientists work on the production of breeder seeds of variety Yuzhanka and conduct multi-environement trials of maize hybrids from the United States, the Republic of Korea, the People’s Republic of China and other countries.