Laboratory of the Breeding of Grain and Cereal Crops

The main research areas are:

– breeding of spring soft wheat, spring barley and buckwheat;

– study on the effect of different agricultural techniques on yield of winter wheat.

As the result of many years of research, 22 varieties of grain and cereal crops were created. Eleven of them were included in the State Register of Selection Achievements admitted to use in the Russian Federation: varieties of spring soft wheat Primorskaya 39, Primorskaya 40, Primorskaya 50, varieties of spring barley Primorskii 89, Primorskii 44, Primorskii 98, Vostochnyi, Tikhookeanskii, buckwheat varieties Primorskaya mestnaya, Pri 7, Izumrud. Wheat variety Primorskaya 50 ranked first among the most productive varieties of spring soft wheat according to the data of the State variety testing in 2011-2015.

Our scientists solved a number of theoretical and practical issues concerning breeding of wheat, barley and buckwheat. The research is conducted on the possibility for using winter wheat for breeding of spring wheat varieties.

After studying the gene pool of different crops, our researchers identified the most suitable sources and donors of economically important traits. These findings could be used for creating highly productive breeding material of spring soft wheat, spring barley and buckwheat under the conditions of Primorsky krai. The breeding work with these crops is carried out annually according to a full scheme of the breeding process.

The laboratory obtained patents on new buckwheat varieties Primorochka and Pri 10 (2015), the inventions “Method for selecting buckwheat plants to achieve resistance to lodging” (2003), “Method for selecting buckwheat plants with a high content of rutin in the aboveground biomass” (2005), “Method for selecting cold-resistant winter wheat under the climatic conditions of Primorsky krai” (2016) and “Method for protecting buckwheat plants against buckwheat weevil” (2016). In collaboration with the laboratory of agricultural biotechnology, we obtained a patent on the invention “Method for micropropagating buckwheat in vitro in order to develop somaclones valuable for breeding” in 2004.

We published the monograph “Buckwheat in the Russian Far East”, which presents results of our experiments on this crop, describing methods for the creation of starting material and modern elements of technology for the cultivation and harvest of buckwheat. The laboratory was awarded a golden medal “for the breeding and production of seeds of buckwheat variety Izumrud” (2011) and a silver medal for the creation of barley variety Tikhookeanskii (2013) on the All-Russian agro-industrial exhibition “Golden Autumn”.